Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I have fine hair that has a wave in it. Just enough of a wave that I can never just wash and dry my hair and go because it just looks.....wonky. It pops up in places it shouldn't and lays too flat in places it shouldn't. This has always driven me crazy and I had started to through it into a ponytail and go. I just don't like spending tons of time on my hair. I decided to try this brush straightener, because what could be easier than brushing your hair? Honestly I skeptical that it would work the way it was advertised, but it really does what it says it will do! This straightens my hair nicely. Certain areas I have to go over a couple of times but still that takes just seconds to do. I can also get a lift in my hair with this. I use it at the roots and pull my hair tightly upwards and then run the brush through it. That gives it some boost at the roots. This also gives you a choice as far s heat settings go. You can use lower heat on finer more thin hair or higher heat in courser hair. It is fully controllable by you. This si constructed well and looks as though it will last a long time. Very happy I gave this a chance. No more ponytails for me! I received this for free or at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I test and scrutinize products I review to the best of my ability, in order to help you make an informed decision. My loyalty is to fellow buyers above all, so I post reviews for all products received for free or at a discount, even if they are less than positive. If anything should change in my opinion of the product, I will update it so that you have the most up to date information. Please feel free to ask any questions. #TouchOfClassReviews #GotADiscount

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